Updates About Changes to the 2025 Oral Exam

Posted 12/20/2023 | Residency & Training, Initial Certification

With the opening of the Oral Exam Application Portal planned for Tuesday, Jan. 9, we have created several new resources to help explain key details about the new Exam process. These include a Timeline, Candidate Guidelines, Town Hall video recording, and Town Hall podcast recording.  

Important dates are listed below, as well as links to access additional information. 

  • January 9 – February 16   OCE Application Portal Open ($800 Application Fee) 
  • February 17 – 23                  Late Applications Accepted ($210 late fee) 

A timeline of important Oral Exam dates and deadlines can be found here.


Oral Exam Candidate Guidelines: Eligibility and Application

The Candidate Guidelines: Eligibility and Application contain details about Oral Exam Eligibility Requirements and the Application Process. Download a pdf of these Guidelines here. Additional information about case collection and other important details will be released in early 2024.   

Oral Exam Town Hall Recording

On December 7, ABOHNS leadership hosted a one-hour Town Hall webinar to discuss key points, provide updates, and answer questions about the 2025 Oral Exam. Click here to view the Town Hall recording.

Oral Exam Town Hall Podcast

An audio version of the December 7 Town Hall recording is available from our ABOHNS podcast series here.

Continue to check our website for monthly updates containing the most current information.